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Take care when choosing a commercial electrician in Nottingham

When you require an electrical job carrying out which is situated in a workplace such as a warehouse, office or any other business premises, you need to take care over what electrician you use to carry out the job.

Unlike households, which falls under building regulation Part P, there are no regulations in the commercial sector. To some extend you are left with nothing more than your own judgement when it comes to selecting a commercial electrician to carry out the electrical work.

What to look for

Small electrical jobs in Nottingham, Derby, Mansfield, Chesterfield

Over the last two to three months we have been employing someone to drop leaflets door to door across our local area. This has proven to be quite a hit and we have been taking many more enquiries as a result. We would like to thank all new customers for giving us the opportunity to quote for and complete their electrical jobs, and also thanks to our leaflet deliverers for doing such a great job.   In case anyone has been annoyed at receiving our leaflet (we know that some people don't like or want free mailers), please accept our apologies.

Busy Weekend On Call

This weekend, we have had one of our busiest with regard to callouts from new customers. With five in total, made up of two restaurants, two Landlords and a homeowner we have been kept busy and had some interesting issues to deal with.   The fist call came on Saturday around lunch time. A Chinese restaurant in Nottingham had suffered a fault within the kitchen general socket outlets circuit. The restaurant had customers booked in and most of the cooking appliances were plugged in to sockets on this circuit.

Chocolate Fountain Repair

Stator Electrical have recently been involved with several Chocolate Fountain repairs and some ongoing maintenance. We have changed belts, thermostats, switches also completed motor rewinds and replaced a faulty motor with a brand new unit. Having worked with many buffet style restaurants across Nottingham, Derby and The Midlands we now have an established supply chain with the manufacturer of the most common fountains in use - Buffet Enhancements International, Inc.

Do your Fuses or Circuit Breakers Trip?

If your fuses, circuit breakers or RCD's trip or operate and need to be reset regularly or even occasionally, this is often a sign of something more serious going on with your electrics. [gallery columns="4" ids="2775,2774,2772,2773"] Many householders and businesses think that the only reason for having circuit breakers as opposed to fuses is that it's easier to reset them if and when they trip.

Be Careful When Drilling Your Walls

When you need to hang a picture, fix shelves or attach anything to the walls in your home or workplace, consider the possibility of any electrical cables being buried in the wall where you intend to drill or knock in nails FIRST. We are regularly called out to properties where the owner, or a tradesman carrying out some work has drilled through a cable as shown here: [caption id="attachment_2740" align="alignleft" width="300"]Electrical Cable Drilled