Mansfield born, and now residing in Ilkeston, Arron has a logical approach and is always open to new approaches. He’s a highly qualified electrician to Level 3 - 2635, with a “2391 Testing Inspection” qualification, and is bang up-to-date with wiring regulations.

Special Moves

The aspect of the job he enjoys most is upgrades and compliance; testing and reporting, which is just as rewarding as fault finds and getting an organisation’s electricity back online. His favourite tool is the Knipex combination Snips/Pilers, and Bosch is his “go-to” power tool brand. Ever impressed by his attention to detail, this may well be partially attributed to Arron having OCD.

At Ohm

An avid footballer playing to a high level from aged 9, though still a passionate player, he now takes the game a little slower and enjoys supporting Mansfield Town FC with a few beers. He loves spending time with his wife, Heidi, and their beagle/foxhound cross.

Watts to Drink?

Red Bull or tea with milk and two sugars, and a Wispa Gold.