Free Download - Electrical Safety In The Home

Anyone who has ever had a problem with the electrics in their home or business would most likely admit that the first thing they do is panic, then probably worry about the costs of hiring an electrician to come and solve the problem.   This handy download, whilst not making anyone into an electrician, may just help you to protect yourself and your family from electric shock, and to safely reset the electricity supply, or check for small problems before calling out an electrician.   The download is accessed by entering your name and email address into this form: (We take your privacy seriously

Do your Fuses or Circuit Breakers Trip?

If your fuses, circuit breakers or RCD's trip or operate and need to be reset regularly or even occasionally, this is often a sign of something more serious going on with your electrics. [gallery columns="4" ids="2775,2774,2772,2773"] Many householders and businesses think that the only reason for having circuit breakers as opposed to fuses is that it's easier to reset them if and when they trip.

Be Careful When Drilling Your Walls

When you need to hang a picture, fix shelves or attach anything to the walls in your home or workplace, consider the possibility of any electrical cables being buried in the wall where you intend to drill or knock in nails FIRST. We are regularly called out to properties where the owner, or a tradesman carrying out some work has drilled through a cable as shown here: [caption id="attachment_2740" align="alignleft" width="300"]Electrical Cable Drilled

LED Lighting Test Report

We were given some sample LED light fittings to try out and take some readings from recently.LED Panel Office Lighting Through our previous work, we already knew a lot about LED lighting, and the claims of the manufacturers, but sometimes, as we all know, manufacturers who are looking to sell a product can exaggerate or emb

Free Site Surveys

[two_third] Stator Electrical Solutions have decided to offer free site surveys upon request to all new clients. We believe that every business owner, landlord or householder should feel comfortable in asking our technical representatives questions about electrical safety, regulations and recommendations, and where better to feel comfortable than in your own building and surroundings. We will visit your office (or any place of work) or home and discuss any concerns you may have, while our engineers conduct a free survey of your electrics.

Helping Clients Meet Their ISO:14001 Energy Efficiency Obligations

Many companies are now signing up to ISO:14000 and in particular ISO:14001 which focuses on Environmental Management Systems. Here at Stator Electrical, we have the exclusive rights to supply and install a unique self contained energy monitoring system which gives our clients the necessary information to make changes to the way they utilise their energy supplies, thus saving potentially vast amounts of c02, reducing carbon footprint and also cutting their energy costs significantly. We take the information gained from the in depth energy monitoring, work with our client and come up with a plan

New Friends!

On Friday we were working over in Edwinstowe, Nottingham. We had been asked to take a look at some outside lights which were permanently on unless the entire circuit was switched off at the consumer unit. This was an easy one to sort out although I think the owner of the property had already had another "electrician" in to take a look. It was obvious that some of the wiring had been messed around with from when it was working previously. The other part of the job was to investigate why the electric gates had stopped working.

LED Lighting For Office Areas

We are now able to show both the lighting level and financial benefits of having LED lighting installed in your office areas. We have sample 600x600mm recessed and surface fluorescent equivalent light fittings which we can bring to your office, along with a presentation to show how much money your business could be saving over time - as well as your return on investment figures. We at Stator Electrical Solutions strongly believe in the benefits of energy efficient LED lighting and have been involved in the design and installation packages for many clients.