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Commercial Electrician Near Me

If you’re typing into Google: ‘looking for trusted commercial electrician near me?’  and you live in Derby, then you’ve come to the right place. Stator Electrical Solutions are your reputable, reliable commercial electricians in Derby. We understand the importance of finding a trustworthy electrician to carry out work in your commercial property and the effect it has on your business if the job is not done right.

Commercial Electrician near me

Commercial Electrician near me

When finding a commercial electrician it’s important to find someone you can be sure will provide an honest service. Whether you need a fault-finding expert to ensure the safety of your building or need to update your fire alarms, you can always count on Stator Electrical Solutions. We are your local, trusted and fully qualified commercial electricians in Nottingham.  

Stator Electrical Solutions Nottingham

Commercial Electrical Testing

As the owner of a commercial business in Nottingham you have a legal obligation to ensure the electrical safety of the users of your premises. Commercial electrical testing is a key element in ensuring your property, and the people within, are kept safe. Stator Electrical Services are experienced providers of commercial electrical testing services to businesses in Nottingham and across the East Midlands. Whatever your commercial electrical needs, our experienced and professional electricians are on hand to help.

Electrical maintenance in Nottingham

Maintenance Electrician Nottingham

Businesses across Nottingham depend upon a reliable supply of electricity to keep their equipment running.

A maintenance electrician can perform both planned and reactive maintenance of your electrical installations and equipment. A maintenance electrician should regularly review your electrical system to help prevent costly and inconvenient breakdowns, and to keep your premises safe. A maintenance electrician will be skilled at fault-finding and repair. They will maintain and repair everything from your lighting, sockets and fuse box to industrial electrical equipment.

Retail Electrician in Nottingham, Derby and Mansfield

Retail Electrician in Nottingham, Derby and Mansfield

A competent and experienced retail electrician can make a huge difference to your Nottingham area business. A Retail electrician can help you in a number of ways. They can help you protect your premises and staff by installing a security system. They can bring your business up to date with a cutting-edge network cabling installation, keeping you reliably connected. If your lighting needs an upgrade, they will install a beautiful lighting system that puts your product in the spotlight.

Commercial lighting installation

Commercial Lighting Installation

Stator Electrical Solutions are specialists in commercial lighting installations.

We will help determine what lighting will be the most beneficial for your business, whether that’s a small office or a large warehouse. Stator Electrical Solutions skilled team can install many different types of commercial lighting for your business within the areas of Nottingham and Derby.

Commercial Electrician Wiring Fuse Board

Commercial Electrician

Are you looking for a reputable commercial electrician in Nottingham or Derby?


Stator Electrical Solutions are highly experienced in all aspects of commercial electrical work and are at hand to help with all your commercial electrical needs. From scheduled testing, new installations to emergency electrical services, Stator Electrical Solutions are here to keep your business running. 


Experienced Commercial Electrical Contractors


Commercial EV charger point instillation.

Commercial EV charger installation

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This means at least 1 in 6 new cars is capable of being plugged in and 27.5% of the total UK vehicle market is now electrified in some way.