Commercial Electrician near me

When finding a commercial electrician it’s important to find someone you can be sure will provide an honest service. Whether you need a fault-finding expert to ensure the safety of your building or need to update your fire alarms, you can always count on Stator Electrical Solutions. We are your local, trusted and fully qualified commercial electricians in Nottingham.  

Why is it Important to use a Commercial Electrician in Nottingham?

To ensure a fully functioning workplace where you need to rely on the electrical systems for powering office equipment or personal safety in the event on an emergency, it is important to have regular electrical testing. This could be a 5 yearly EICR or annual PAT Testing. Both of these tests will ensure the safety of the electrics in your building and offer protection to your business. Although not all inspections are mandatory, regularly checking the electrical systems and electrical equipment allows you to understand if there are any risks of electrical faults within the building. Once you are aware of any electrical faults, necessary repairs can be made to ensure a fully safe work-zone. If your business is noticing faults within the electrical systems, then it is important to speak with an electrician immediately. Catching faults early stop the risk of hazards and also further damage to the systems.

It is important to never install your own electrics in commercial buildings if you are not qualified to do so. The installation will not be regulated and may put your employees or visitors at risk of electrical dangers. If you need an electrician in Nottingham, Stator Electrical Solutions would be happy to help.

When will I Need Commercial Electrical Services?

Being in charge of a commercial property means it is your legal duty to ensure the safety of staff and visitors. Stator Electrical Solutions work solely on commercial and industrial electrical services meaning we can provide a large range of services to our customers. Some of the work we offer include:

  • Fault Finding
  • Rewires
  • New Installations
  • PAT Testing, which is also now known as Electrical Equipment Testing (EET)
  • Fire Alarms
  • Emergency Lighting

These are just examples of what we can do but not what we are limited to. If you need a commercial electrician, then get in contact with us today to discuss your requirements. We are your local and trusted commercial electrician experts near you.

Commercial Electrician near me

When finding the right electrician for the project, it would be beneficial to choose someone locally. A local electrician will know the area and where to get quality parts from, be reliable and most importantly will take pride in their work to hopefully be to other local customers. Stator Electrical Solutions offer nothing less than a 5-star service. We understand the importance of keeping the electrics running smoothly in commercial premises which is why we dedicate our time and effort to provide a top-quality service. Our team of electricians are fully qualified, NICIC approved and can assure you your commercial electrics will be handled with care. If you would like to discuss your commercial electrical projects further, then contact our friendly team to today.