How to combat dark evenings…

You’ve probably already noticed, but it’s getting dark outside! And it’s getting colder – boooo! But I’ve spoken to a LARGE group of people recently that have all made these early winter nights a little more bearable… You see, they’ve all completed a small investment that means they no longer have to struggle to get the key in the door, take the shopping out of the car, find the bins, or avoid the trip hazards on the drive. Yep, you’ve guessed it.

Whose stupid idea was this?!

Carl here, I hope all’s well. I love summer. It’s brilliant. Warm(ish) weather, long days, time off – it’s my favourite time of year - so I always feel a bit sad when it comes to turning the clocks back. I just don’t understand it! I know it’s handy for farmers to have a little more light in the mornings, but come on, what about the rest of us?! It has led to one good thing, though.

Electric Lego

It’s not often I get excited by the latest toy to hit the market. Usually it’s the kids who are pulling at my leg in tesco, wanting me to give in and buy a new toy I’ve never heard of. But this week there was a role reversal, as something caught my eye that I REALLY liked the look of. Electric Lego!

How Electricity is Provided to Houses

I was having a chat with a friend just the other day about how electricity is provided to houses.

I guess he’s like most people – he has absolutely no idea how electricity is dealt out to houses in this country. When we got onto the subject he started to ask lots of questions, and as I told him the answers his face made all sorts of fascinating expressions.

Electrical Safety On Holiday

Hopefully I’ve got you in time. You see, I’ve just been on holiday and I’ve seen some of the awful electrical work that’s around, and I wanted to let you know about Electrical Safety On Holiday

I’ve had many bad experiences with electrics abroad.

Just last year in Egypt I realised I needed a shave – I was treating the family to a nice dinner, and wanted to spruce myself up a little. Anyway, I plugged the electric shaver in and left the room to head back to the pool.

I can see you!

I can’t really see you. I’m not watching you from afar or anything – it’s not my style. I did see something interesting on the internet the other day, though, and I wanted to share it with you. You see, I’ve installed countless security cameras. From people’s houses to offices and banks, I’ve put in hundreds.

How powerful is Usain Bolt?

I’m getting into the Olympics this time round. I’ve been enjoying a bit of the Canoeing and Fencing, but the big event I can’t wait for is the 100m sprint. It’s the highlight for me and lots of other people, but just how much power do these athletes put down to the track? I decided to do a little research, and it seems the Independent got there first. I found an article about Usain Bolt. Because of his big, square frame, he has to put down more power than everyone else to cope with the wind resistance.

How to turn off your electricity in an emergency.

I woke up this morning in a bit of a panic. The thing is, I’ve been trying to send you relevant and useful ‘stuff’ about electricity. I’ll admit, it’s not the world’s most exciting topic but I do put a fair bit of effort into making sure you know what you need to know through these weekly articles. Now, I woke up this morning with a feeling of dread, because I’ve missed out a really important piece of information that I should have told you right at the start!