Lighting ideas for retail shops in Nottingham and Derby

So you’ve changed the flooring, arranged the furniture and put up the shelving.  Your customers look up and recognise your name and logo and they stop to look in the window as they pass by … but they’re still passing by. 

No Smoke Without Fire – Not!

After the warmest Christmas ever (it didn’t even feel like Christmas!!) the temperature has quickly dropped and I find myself ‘de-icing’ the car every two minutes. But… There’s something more important than scraping ice that I wanted to tell you. You see, I’ve been installing lots of fire places recently. Not your normal fireplace, as that’s not really my bag, but an electric fireplace. And before you disregard this idea as an 80’s thing to do, there are some really nice ones to be installed. They come with many advantages. They’re cheap to run.

How to stop lightbulbs breaking.

How are things? I hope you’re well and you haven’t had any trouble with your electricity recently, as that’s always the best way to be!

I have a couple of tidbits here that are going to reduce the amount you swear because a lightbulb has just blown. Because they always blow after you’ve installed a new one, don’t they! (There’s actually no scientific reason for this. I think they call it sod’s law...)

My friend got robbed blind the other day.

My friend got robbed blind the other day. When I say ‘blind’, I actually mean that he got robbed right in front of his face. I’ll tell you how… He bought an oven about a year ago. It was just a cheap one and he didn’t expect miracles from it. Sure enough, after a year had past the oven and grill stopped working. As I would always recommend, he spoke to a specialist and put a date in the diary for said ‘specialist’ to go round and have a look. Now, the specialist took a five-minute look at the oven and decided it needed a new switch.