Whose stupid idea was this?!

Carl here, I hope all’s well. I love summer. It’s brilliant. Warm(ish) weather, long days, time off – it’s my favourite time of year - so I always feel a bit sad when it comes to turning the clocks back. I just don’t understand it! I know it’s handy for farmers to have a little more light in the mornings, but come on, what about the rest of us?! It has led to one good thing, though. I’ve installed over 100 super-bright LED Security Lights since the evenings started getting darker. Most people are like me and hate the inconvenience of it getting dark, so they’ve asked me to pop round to fit one of my powerful lights to illuminate their driveways and tricky-to-negotiate outdoor spaces. These are the lights I’ve been installing… Stator electrical There are some brilliant benefits to installing a Security Light… They’re fairly cheap. They use minimal electricity. They work on a sensor, meaning they’re hands free so you don’t need to turn them on and off. They’re discreet. Very quick to install. Deter burglars. AND (most importantly) prevent tripping accidents. So, make sure you have a think about installing a light, and if you need a hand on choosing the right one, make sure you get in contact (I’d recommend the 20 watt myself!). Talk soon, Carl.