LED Light Installations

LED Light Installations

Do you need better, more efficient lighting in your commercial or industrial building?

Is your existing lighting costing you money in maintenance and electric bills whilst still not producing adequate lighting for your working conditions?

Have you considered the alternative options for more efficient, environmentally friendly ways to reduce your energy bills?

At Stator Electrical we encourage the use of LED lighting. We are able to provide our expert advice and services for LED light installations with minimum disruption to your business.  Installation of LED lighting offers several advantages over traditional lighting, building on the best parts of their predecessors while leaving their inefficiencies behind.

Energy saving

This is one of the biggest and most obvious benefits of LED lighting.  LED lamps emit electromagnetic energy as light when electrified turning energy into light instead of heat compared to incandescent lamps which heat the filament to a temperature to produce light. This means up to 95% of energy in an LED bulb is converted into light energy wasting less energy generating heat. LEDs are able to run at significantly lower temperatures than other types of bulbs meaning they are ideal for use in areas subject to temperature fluctuations.

Saving money

Less energy used means less money spent! LED lighting not only reduces energy consumption therefore reducing energy costs, LED lamps also need less maintenance and do not need to be replaced as often as standard lamps. Other lamp lifespans are shortened through both proper and improper usage however LED lamp low heat levels, durability and energy efficiency make it possible for LED lamps to outlast standard lamps by thousands of hours. A standard LED light panel can last around 10 years, free of any maintenance.

Health benefits 

Poor lighting that’s flickering, too dim or too bright can cause issues for staff such as headaches, eyestrain and tiredness. Studies have shown that the right lighting can reduce stress and limit feelings of depression. It has also been discovered that LED lighting can improve worker productivity by up to 5% by helping regulate wake/sleep patterns which improves focus and mental activity.

Corporate social responsibility

Switching to LED lighting is a great way for brands to demonstrate their commitment to corporate social responsibility. This demonstrates the measures that a business takes to support the environment and better social wellbeing. LED lighting reduces carbon dioxide emissions and energy. The components are easier to recycle and show that a business cares about the environment promoting and environmentally and socially conscious organisation.

LED lighting is an excellent way to save money, improve productivity and enhance performance. LED installations and technology are having a more prominent effect on the commercial world as more organisations consider their carbon footprint and environmental impact. With work places expected to be closer to capacity by the end of this year many businesses are considering the increased cost of energy consumption when welcoming workers back to the workplace and lighting takes up a significant portion of electrical consumption.

If you would like to know how LED Light installation can benefit you and your business, please don’t hesitate to call us to enquire about our expert services we offer to assist with this.