How powerful is Usain Bolt?

I’m getting into the Olympics this time round. I’ve been enjoying a bit of the Canoeing and Fencing, but the big event I can’t wait for is the 100m sprint. It’s the highlight for me and lots of other people, but just how much power do these athletes put down to the track? I decided to do a little research, and it seems the Independent got there first. I found an article about Usain Bolt. Because of his big, square frame, he has to put down more power than everyone else to cope with the wind resistance. Usain Bolt has to outlay 2619.5 watts of energy to pull off his world record time. Apparently it’s getting harder to break records nowadays because the faster we go, the more the drag increases. The force of drag doesn’t increase proportionately, so it takes a super-human effort to beat the world record by even a hundredth of a second. Right, that’s your science lesson over for today, now I’ll let you get back to watching the games! Talk soon, Carl.