EV Charging - Grants and Fully Understanding Your Requirements

EV Charging - Grants and Fully Understanding Your Requirements

The electric car market has really taken off over the past couple of years and Stator Electrical is proud to be at the forefront of EV charger installations throughout the East Midlands region. Our engineers pride themselves in keeping ahead of the rapidly changing EV curve, mastering new installation techniques and gaining a working knowledge of all new devices and all supporting hardware.

The government’s OLEV grant funding platform has certainly motivated electrical vehicle owners to look into acquiring their own EV charge points. Although drawing to an end, it’s a scheme that offers £350 towards your EV charger. A significant help towards your unit, it is, however, advisable to approach some online advertising tentatively and be aware that some offers merely include a base charge point.

Some charge points might not be adequate for your demands and although they may well be quality devices, they might require additional earthing and fault protection devices - Some entry-level base charger installation prices often only allow for the shortest amount of cable, very simple installation methods and there are usually fuse board upgrades or alterations needed which may not have been allocated within the online offer. Therefore, you may be locked into a less than adequate device from the start, and get a lower standard electric vehicle charge point installation that does not allow for an upgrade or additional hardware in the future.

Something to consider is that you may need to include an earth electrode or an O-PEN device to protect users from electric shock in the event of an open PEN (Protective Earth and Neutral) conductor fault. Once you’ve opted for the online grant and related device deals, it could become apparent only when the engineer arrives that you need to have supporting devices installed. This could make you liable for, not only additional hardware devices that are not part of the offer, but you will also need to cover the cost of their installation.

The Stator Electrical EV team will inform you right from the start which devices will best suit your premises and its electrical configuration. If your premises already has three phase electrics, then we can recommend more powerful 22kW chargers, providing your vehicle can take a 22kW charge of course. We can also ascertain how your electrics are earthed and install the recommended earth rods or an O-PEN device.

To enter the world of EV charging, speak to a member of the Stator Electrical team now.