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In the workplace there are a lot of government regulations in place to ensure staff and visitors work in a safe environment. Maintaining electrical compliance is essential to lower the risk of electrical dangers and reduce hazards to a person or property. Stator Electrical Solutions are your local and trusted electricians in Nottingham who can help assist your company with safe and fully compliant electrics. 

Why is Electrical Compliance Important?

Electrical compliance is important to adhere to if you want to reduce the risk of injury and fatalities in a working environment. Without following government legislations, you are at greater risk of electrical fires, shocks and damage to the property and ultimately could end up with fines, penalties and criminal charges.

Electrical Testing in Nottingham

Keeping on top of electrical testing and inspecting is the only way to understand the true condition of your buildings electrical system and appliances. Ensuring appropriate practices are in place for staying on top of health and safety laws is vital in your Nottingham building. Types of electrical testing which are important to implement for landlords and commercial settings include:

Fixed Wire Testing

An EICR, (Electrical Installation Condition Report), is an inspection carried out by a qualified professional who performs a visual and physical inspection into the electrical system of a building. This includes testing the wiring, circuits and fittings. After the initial inspection a detailed report will be handed to the owner explaining if there are any dangers present. If there are any failings found, then these must be fixed within a set period of time. By law an EICR must be performed at least once every 5 years. 

PAT Testing

PAT testing, (Portable Appliance Testing), is an inspection carried out to check the integrity of plugged in and portable appliances within a property or workplace. This can include fridges, cookers, computers and other electrical devices. The importance of PAT testing is to eliminate the use of faulty equipment which could become a danger within the building. PAT testing is not a legal requirement; however, it is recommended to be carried out annually to prevent any electrical hazards. There are still laws stating a business owner is responsibly for the safety around electrical equipment in the workplace and PAT testing is an expected industry standard. 

Fire Alarms and Emergency Lighting

In the event of an electrical emergency, it is important that there are certain safety features in place to alert anyone within the premises. This includes fire alarms and emergency lighting. On top of safe installation of these life saving devices, they should be regularly inspected and tested to ensure they are fully functioning in the event of crisis. 

NICEIC Approved Contractors in Nottingham

As NICEIC approved contractors, we are experts in electrical testing for commercial buildings and for rental properties. Choosing a NICEIC approved installer is important to ensure an honest, reliable and fully compliant installation or inspection. If you require electrical testing in your workplace, contact our friendly team of electricians today who would be happy to help. We are Nottingham’s electrical compliance experts.