No Smoke Without Fire – Not!

After the warmest Christmas ever (it didn’t even feel like Christmas!!) the temperature has quickly dropped and I find myself ‘de-icing’ the car every two minutes. But… There’s something more important than scraping ice that I wanted to tell you. You see, I’ve been installing lots of fire places recently. Not your normal fireplace, as that’s not really my bag, but an electric fireplace. And before you disregard this idea as an 80’s thing to do, there are some really nice ones to be installed. They come with many advantages. They’re cheap to run. They kick out a lot heat. No chopping wood, no mess, they’re safe for children (they don’t get as hot as a real fire) and they’re also very small. You won’t need to connect it to a chimney and we can install them so that they look like the real thing. Here’s one that we fitted just up the road from us in Eastwood. If you need one fitting, just let me know and I’ll pop round to have a look! Talk soon, Carl