My friend got robbed blind the other day.

My friend got robbed blind the other day. When I say ‘blind’, I actually mean that he got robbed right in front of his face. I’ll tell you how… He bought an oven about a year ago. It was just a cheap one and he didn’t expect miracles from it. Sure enough, after a year had past the oven and grill stopped working. As I would always recommend, he spoke to a specialist and put a date in the diary for said ‘specialist’ to go round and have a look. Now, the specialist took a five-minute look at the oven and decided it needed a new switch. After paying a £55 call out charge, my friend was told that the part would be ordered in. 1387088173-48956100 After two weeks of leaving answer phone messages for the oven guy, he jumped online to check him out. Turn out it’s not the first time that the guy has said he ‘needs to order a part’ and never been heard from. The big lesson here is that not all specialists and experts are created equal, so always do your research. Online reviews are good to have a look at. Check out sites like Which? Trusted Traders, Facebook reviews, Google reviews and more. We’ve got reviews on all of those sites. Just a thought that might make it easier next time you hire in a tradesperson! Talk soon, Carl