I can see you!

I can’t really see you. I’m not watching you from afar or anything – it’s not my style. I did see something interesting on the internet the other day, though, and I wanted to share it with you. You see, I’ve installed countless security cameras. From people’s houses to offices and banks, I’ve put in hundreds. I saw some new, covert ones the other day, and I thought they looked great… Here’s just a few of them… The Coffee Cup Cam…    Stator Electrical Coffee Cup Security Cameras The Watch Cam... Staor Electrical Solutions Watch Security Camera The Smiley Face Badge Cam... Stator Electrical Smiley Face Badge Camera The Lighter Cam... The Lighter Cam Stator Electrical The Pen Cam... Stator electrical solutions Pen Camera Smoke Alarm Cam... Stator Electrical Tissue Box Camera... Stator Electrical You can see them all here… Carl P.S. I’ll be about the whole of next week if you need a quote on any of your electrical needs. Just give me a quick call on 0115 971 8874. I’ll be happy to help. Stator Electrical Solutions Ltd 0115 971 8874 www.stator-electrical.co.uk