How to turn off your electricity in an emergency

How to turn off your electricity in an emergency

Nobody wants to be in an emergency situation, so it is important we are armed with facts to help us deal with any problem should it arise.

In an emergency (for example, a leak or an electrical fire), you will want to turn off the electricity immediately.  You do this by using the main ON/OFF switch on the consumer unit, fuse box or distribution board.

Make sure you know where your mains switch (or switches) are. Some installations, electric storage heaters for example, might have a separate consumer unit. 

The most important switch in the consumer unit is what is known as the main switch.  In the event of a problem, this is the switch that you will need to put into the off position.

It is a large red switch and is usually found on or next to the fuse / distribution board.

You should always locate your fuse box when you first move into a property – before an emergency occurs, and try to keep the area around it clear of items so you can easily access the switches on your consumer unit should you need to.

To find out more about distribution boards, see this blog

If you are concerned that your fusebox may need replacing, always consult a registered electrician. 

It is important to always use a specialist for all electrical servicing and repairs, as this will improve your electrical safety.

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