Electric Lego

It’s not often I get excited by the latest toy to hit the market. Usually it’s the kids who are pulling at my leg in tesco, wanting me to give in and buy a new toy I’ve never heard of. But this week there was a role reversal, as something caught my eye that I REALLY liked the look of. Electric Lego!

Apparently it was invented by a guy whose son came home from school with a complicated electric science project. The wires were messy and hard to learn with, so this guy invented lego with a chrome coating. The metal coating acts as a conductor for the electrical current to pass through, and it does cool stuff like turning on light bulbs etc.

I could sit here and explain it to you all day, but you should really take a look at the website (in particular the video).


And the good news is…

…You now know what to get me for Christmas - Electric Lego!


Talk soon,