Commercial Electrician in Chesterfield

Commercial Electrician in Chesterfield

Being the second largest county in Derbyshire with a rich history, many attractions and offering an excellent balance between town and country life it's not difficult to understand why people are keen to visit Chesterfield.

Over the years Chesterfield has undergone many changes. Once a large coal field home to many collieries however, today no coal factories remain and developments and restorations have made the majority of mining areas indistinguishable from the surrounding countryside. 

Whilst manufacturing employment has fallen by a third in the last 30 years, the amount of employees in manufacture in Chesterfield remains above the national average. Chesterfield is home to a large Royal Mail administrative office at the edge of town which is currently the largest employer in the county, the Royal Mail pension Service Centre is also nearby. Such developments have seen the demand for commercial electricians in Chesterfield to continually increase.

Housing also continues to grow to facilitate an ever growing population. Chesterfield has something for everyone with plenty of job opportunities and plenty of schools so suits both individuals and families. Offering friendly and welcoming communities it’s a safe place to live and raise a family and is considered an affordable are to live in.

It is estimated that Chesterfield attracts over 3.7 million visitors each year. With a bustling town, open air market and many natural beauty spots and scenic walks there really is something for everyone. 

Chesterfield is possibly best known for the crooked spire of the Church of Saint Mary and All Saints - Even the local football team Chesterfield FC are nicknamed “The Spireites” and the clubs crest is a depiction of the spire itself!

The spire can be seen from miles away on a clear day, twisted 45 degrees and leaning almost 3 meters from its true centre point it cannot be missed and really is a wonder to behold.

Adults and children alike enjoy exploring and learning of the tales and theories passed down through folklore and of course an actual architectural explanation of the phenomenon of the crooked spire.

If you find yourself in Derbyshire looking for a day out, Chesterfield is well worth a visit.