5 ways to save your phone’s battery power….

I know I’m an electrician by trade, but I see it as my mission to bring you useful and relevant information on using electricity at home. So here are 6 ways to save your phone’s battery power…   I’m forever having to charge my phone so I’ve been looking for some ways to save a little battery life here and there – I’ve got some great strategies that I use regularly and I thought I’d share them with you…  
  1. Brightness
This is one of the biggest drains on your battery – make sure you turn the brightness down a little.  
  1. Airplane mode
Now this is usually a last resort, but turning your phone to airplane mode will save A LOT of battery. It will however disable all communication to your phone, although you’ll still be able to connect to Wifi.   HOT TIP: Put your phone in airplane mode when charging – it’ll charge much quicker.  
  1. Bluetooth
Bluetooth rinses battery. Turn it off when not in use.  
  1. Turn Wifi off
When wifi is turned on its constantly looking for a connection, which uses lots of power in itself so switch it off when you’re out and about – especially when out shopping, as there are SO many different connections that your phone will try to latch on to.  
  1. Set email fetch to manual
Apps are always working in the background, trying to pull through data to refresh and update themselves. You should be able to turn this off in your settings somewhere. Your email app works similarly and ‘fetches’ new data every now and again. You can set this to manual in your email settings menu.   6. Usage Some people are addicted to their phones, and I’m guilty of it sometimes! But seriously, just using your phone less will increase your power no-end. The touch-screen technology itself takes a lot of power to run, so simply using your phone will kill your battery life.   I hope that helps! And don’t forget to drop me a reply if you have a chance.   Carl